Discover The Taste of Purple

The Purple Onion Festival        
Sunday, September 21st.
11:00 am. - 4:00 pm.
Millennium Park
Everyone is Welcome!
Discover the taste of purple, a family day of celebration of our bounty of local food and culture. Dress as you wish or in purple with your purple jacket, your purple I Love Local Food Peterborough T Shirt, your purple Climate Change Rally head band.
Most of all come for the celebration and stay for the education, new relationships, and the food. Admission is free. Cheryl Ellis was last year's winner of the best costume award.
What's it all About?
It is about building community, a more resilient and sustainable one, one that is able to support its local farmers and locally owned businesses by building relationships with them, by making connections and by living more locally.
Such changing lifestyles ultimately result in more local jobs and a lower carbon footprint for the entire community.
A switch to Local Food is, without doubt, the number one economic development opportunity for our community over the next 10 years.
The Kawartha Loon local currency as the official currency of the festival provides the catalyst to realize the economic multiplier effect by keeping the currency circulating here in our community.
Kawartha Loons, at a discount of 10% to the Canadian Dollar, are available now at the Peterborough Community Credit Union (PCCU) on Brock St. in downtown Peterborough and will be sold by the PCCU on site at the festival. The discount immediately increases your buying power by 10%.  
The Heart of the Festival
Local talent performing on the Sun Stage in front of the I love Local Food Peterborough Host Tent with 10 local caterers selling tasty samples of your favorite dishes surrounded by local farmers selling the best of their harvest, all in Kawartha Loons of course, is indeed the heart and soul of the festival.
The I Love Local Food Peterborough Host tent is hosted by local Chef Guenther Schubert. The caterers include
Park Hill on Hunter, Black Honey, The Holiday Inn, Old Bridge Inn, RARE, Peterborough Golf & Country Club, Elmhirst's Resort and Schubert's Fine Foods.
Bring your shopping bag to buy from your local farmers in Kawartha Loons. Local personality and Chair of Transition Town Peterborough, Michael Bell is the Sun Stage MC. 
Climate Change Rally
It is happening again this year! Sponsored and organized by For Our Grandchildren, the Climate Change Rally will be held front and centre at the Sun Stage from 1:30 to 2:30 pm.  
Come out and shout out for action on Climate Change. Wear your head band and all things purple!
Enjoy the Rally show. Make a statement. Take Action. Help build Peterborough as a leading community
in the fight for greater community resilience and a future of well-being with a much lower carbon footprint. 
Painted Rain Barrel Contest
Imagine Camp Kawartha's Cool Kids for a Cool Planet, Ridpath Elementary School's Green Thumbs for Social Justice and Nibige Miigiim from Curve Lake First Nations Elementary School all entering their special works of Art in the Painted Rain Barrel Contest to be showcased at this year's Purple Onion Festival!
It is exciting! There will be 25 teams competing in three categories. We’re looking forward to a wide range of artistic expression.
It is educational, engaging our youth in the connection between our precious water, our local food, and Climate Change.
School teachers are saying that the contest provides an excellent focus for a teaching unit on ecology, especially climate change.
It is fun, and everyone gets to vote for the People’s Choice Awards at the festival.
Bring your entire family, cast your vote, join the fun, and talk to the teams that gave it their heart and soul. Guy Hanchet, representing POF sponsor For Our Grand Children, will announce the winners at the end of the Climate Change Rally at 2:30 pm.
The recycled rain barrels and paint kits were provided by Transition Town Peterborough and assembled locally by Taylors Recycled Plastic Products. The teams retain their painted rain barrels after the contest to make use of them as they see fit.
As of this writing 22 teams have entered the contest. These include: Armour Heights School, Campbellford District High School, Chemong Public School, Curve Lake First Nations School, Highland Heights Public School, Holy Cross Secondary School, Kawartha World Issues Centre, Lakefield College School, Lakefield District Secondary School, Lakefield District Intermediate School, Youth Unlimited, New Canadian Centre, North Hope Central Public School, Ridpath Junior Public School, Roger Neilsen Public School, Seeds of Change, Sustainable Trent and Westmount Public School.
Wellness Village
Dandelion Day, held in May and focusing on nutrition and wellness, was hosted by Transition Town as a companion festival to the Purple Onion Festival. 
Its success has prompted the expansion of the use of Millennium Park for the Purple Onion Festival to include a Wellness Village.
The focus is balanced well-being through holistic wellness services supported by local nutritional food.
The listing of the Members of The Kawartha Loon Exchange (KLE) in this magazine shows 25 Nutrition & Wellness businesses accepting the Kawartha Loon at par. 
Up to 10 of the holistic wellness practitioners, members of the KLE, will be a part of the Wellness Village at this year's POF. 
You are invited for tea at the Herbal Tea House in the Wellness Village.
Transition Skills Forum  
The Transition Skills Forum is in its sixth year of continuous operation...again sponsored in 2014 by Sustainable Trent, the Trent University Student organization focused on sustainability.
Four workshops are planned for the Purple Onion Festival including Permaculture with Trent Rhode, Seed Saving with Jill Bishop, Sustainable Farming with Andrew Flaman, and Community Resilience with Cheryl Lyon.
Discover the Taste of Purple at the Purple Onion Festival, Millennium Park, Sunday, September 21.
The Purple Onion Festival is an all volunteer initiative of Transition Town Peterborough sponsored by the City of Peterborough, DBIA, Peterborough Community Credit Union, Peterborough Kawartha Rotary, Rocky Ridge Drinking Water, Taylors Recycled Plastic Products, The WIRE, Community Greenzine, For Our Grandchildren, Kawartha Loon Exchange and Magic 96.7.