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Zooming In On Search Intent & SEO


Alongside the developments in search engine optimization come the changes in customer behavior when they search for information on the Internet.

These shifts in how people interact on the Web to find what they need, and possibly make a purchase, have molded web development and SEO – and digital marketers who haven’t been keeping up will find out that things may not be playing out as planned despite the website upgrades and despite the many tweaks that they may have added to their websites as of late.

What is search intent?

Search intent is exactly how it sounds like: the intention of people when they perform a search, for example New York SEO. There are three broad categories of search intent on the Internet, and so far, no one has been able to add to these broad categories yet, so they’ve reached canonical status: informational, transactional, and navigational. Let’s talk about how these three types of search intent differ from one another.

The Pure Search for Information

information search

Informational searches are by far the most generic or general of searches. When a person is performing an informational search, the majority of the time, he is simply looking for information.

We don’t know yet if the person is interested in making a purchase. But despite the fact that the person is engaged in informational search, it’s still a good idea to place your branding in front of this person because businesses have to be there through all phases of search until the person in question is ready to buy.

If you have ever heard of brand positioning, this is probably the most literal yet most effective way of doing it online. Literally being there even when the customer is not yet ready to make a purchase, precisely because you want him to remember your brand when he becomes ready to make the actual purchase.

Let’s say that you own a dental practice, and you are interested in getting customers to pay attention to your branding. Informational searches that are related to your market but do not necessarily mean that a customer is coming in for a procedure may include queries like “how to clean braces” or “signs of fractured tooth.”

As you can imagine, people who are using such keywords to perform their queries are likely doing so because they need information that they can apply to a current problem.

Would it pay to provide them with this information? Of course. For one, you show potential customers that you care about the general dental health of people, whether or not they are actual customers and second, providing in-depth and useful information to potential customers will build customer trust and better branding. Better branding in this respect can go a long, long way.

On the side of Google, you will slowly be positioning yourself at the top where your competitors may not be paying any attention at all. Remember the rule on long tail keywords? Long tail keywords may not have 100,000 searches per month, but combined, they provide a sizeable potential for organic traffic.

From Informational to Transactions

 website transaction page

This is when things start to really ‘heat up’ between customers and brands. Transaction searches occur when a person is thinking of making a purchase.

From the viewpoint of the business owner or digital marketer, these queries need to correspond to the different categories on your website. You have to be aware of the categories that are often used by people who want to buy something and tie them up with the products/services you are offering.

The usual query is “buy + (name of item).” People can also search for specific brands, product names, item codes, etc. If you are in the market of selling physical products like appliances, making your product descriptions as specific as possible is important, for obvious reasons.

During optimization transaction searches should of course be prioritized over informational searches, though the latter should not be neglected either. However, it makes perfect business sense to boost the parts of your website where transactions are more likely to take place.

Navigational Queries

 navigational query

Navigational queries are in a class of its own because the person searching doesn’t reveal outright his intention for searching. All he wants is to find your website – and that’s it. Whether he wants just pure information or he is ready to buy, that would be up to him.

So what’s the takeaway when you are dealing with navigational queries? Simple: your home page, which is where all navigational queries will eventually land, should be optimized to provide the right balance of information and possible opportunities for sale. This is the new formula now: you have to provide value and at the same time, show customers that you are a business, and you have great solutions to offer.


Optimizing For Search Intent

 search intent

To conclude, here are some key tips that might help you create better campaigns and content for your business:

  1. Start thinking of your users more – optimize for people, instead of focusing on just SERPs. Higher rankings will come when users find your website useful.
  2. Content should also be user-centered. Instead of just optimize pages for keywords, ask yourself: how useful is the content I am offering to people. Does it align with what they are looking for on my website? Is my content truly engaging or is it just keyword-optimized?
  3. Avoid targeting really broad searches, as this might damage your chances of actually making contact with users who might be interested in engaging in transaction searches with your website. Traditional keyword targeting, which is focused on volume as this shows ‘viability’ is no longer actually viable.
  4. Local SEO strategy is appearing to be more and more lucrative than what Google’s Keyword Planner Tool usually suggests. By narrowing down your target and trying to focus on the people who might be actually interested in what you have to offer is more important. Being on the number one spot for a particularly popular keyword may not bring in the ROI that you are expecting – that era has long gone.

Getting Money For Watches From a Pawn Shop

When you think about pawn shops overall, you may forget that they will accept all sort of things. Of course they won’t accept everything, as they often just focus on a few things that they give top dollar for. If you’re seeking to generate top dollar for items that you have, you’ll want to look into a few things that can help you get there.

For instance, if you were to work with MajorPawn or any major company, you will want to look at getting top dollar for watches. There are a lot of watches that you will no doubt want to look into, and something that is definitely a positive push forward.

The following will detail how you can work with a pawn solution and get money for your watches, whether you want to sell outright or you want to get a loan overall.

Assess The Watch You Have

Now, not every watch is going to garner you payment. Just because you have a nice Swatch, doesn’t mean that you will get the same kind of money as other options. You need to look into which option you have, the brand name that you have, any documentation, and packages that you may have. You will want to make sure that you have options that are complete. The more packaging that you may have, the more the price point will be for your own good. It will pay off dividends.


Now if you don’t have all of the pieces, you will at least want to recognize what watch you have and whether or not it’s valuable. To assess minor value, you should look online for those that are reselling the items. If you find that some are buying your watches online, see how much they are asking for them. This will help you figure out what you have, and whether it’s a good solution to work with.

Contact The Pawn Shop

The next thing that you should focus on is simple, contact the shop you want to work with. You can always look for options online, or you can easily go with MajorPawn. This is a solution that will pay top dollar for your items overall. This is a good thing, as they will tell you what they are looking for, and what they pay for.

Now, when you contact them, make sure to include what options you may have. For instance, if you have watches from Rolex, Cartier, Ohmega, and others, you’ll want to ensure that you have them in good condition. Now, the battery doesn’t have to work, but everything else should be complete and easy to recognize overall.

After you’ve done these steps, you can easily sit back and garner a great deal of financial success. There are two things that you can do when you do this, you can get a loan, which is a positive thing, or you could look into getting paid outright for your items.

Either way, if you have precious metal watches, you can end up with a positive push forward with relative ease. Just remember to work with a good source like MajorPawn, to ensure top dollar.

The Simplest Way To Make Money With Old and Busted Precious Metals

Pawn There’s a lot of people that have a great deal of money laying around. No, it’s not literally bills or anything like that, you’re going to find that the most that you will see is in regard to precious metals. That’s correct, you will see that you may have precious metals that come through and that’s something that is definitely difficult to manage. The reason why it’s difficult is because you will go through financial problems, and you won’t even realize that you have money at your disposal. What if you knew that you had a piece of jewelry that could garner you thousands of dollars, fast? wouldn’t you use it? Well, that’s what you can do when you work with a  trusted source such as,

The Price of Gold

The first thing that you should know about precious metals, is that they are valuable. That includes metals like silver, platinum, and gold. That’s something that used to not be the case, but it is now something that is quite highly regarded. That includes options that aren’t necessarily new. You don’t have to possess a stockpile of bricks, mind you, you could easily move forward with a few solutions that will help you get money without having to invest in new items.

The price of gold shifts slightly, but it has been somewhat steady for some time. You’ll find that the value of gold is upwards of $1,000 per ounce. That means that if you have any gold, and it weighs more than an ounce, you are going to be sitting on a lot of money. The price of gold is great.

Broken Pieces and More

The biggest thing about the world of gold and silver for that matter is that you can garner a great deal of money for items of all types. You will not have to only have new items. You can have broken pieces, things that don’t clasp, don’t work, are older, and even coins. These items can all help you garner a great deal of success in getting a loan or even outright sales. Whether you want to get money fast, or you’re looking at turning in items that you don’t use for a loan, you’ll find that you can do so with ease if you go with a trustworthy solution. Focus on solutions such as, and you’ll no doubt get a big push forward.

Just One Try and You’ll Garner Success

Pawn ShopAt the end of the day, you’re going to find that you can easily get money fast with the use of a pawn solution. Amidst the most popular and widely reviewed options, is a great source. Test this once, and you’ll see that your precious metals could give you a great deal of money to work with. It’s a positive solution that is definitely worth exploring on a deeper level. Just look for items that you have lying around, and you could very well end up with a huge jump forward. It’s simply a positive thing to consider, and it’s easier than ever.

Technologies Used In Producing Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the green (black, orange, or gold) part inside your electronic device with all the small cylindrical chips in different colors. Believe it or not, you can find these PCBs in every electrical appliance that you can see around you. They are present in your cell phones, televisions, microwave over, dishwasher and even your smallest flash drive. They range from the biggest to smallest PCBs that you can imagine.

We’d like to tell you something important regarding these boards though – before you can use your electronic device according to its function, those PCBs that make them work undergo many stages. Each stage uses different technologies to produce the PCBs.

Design Technologies


The designing process is the lay outing of the PCB. In this stage, the designing engineer creates the plan for the PCB manufacturing. The plan includes the dimensions and quantity of the PCBs, stencil specifications, the necessary electronic components, the manufacturing procedures and the assembly method.

It is as essential as the other stages, probably the most important phase of the whole process. In this stage, careful and correct planning and designing are very important for quality outcomes of the printed circuit board.

Manufacturing Technologies

The manufacturing process of PCBs is the actual production of the printed circuit boards. This is the stage where the fiberglass materials are stacked together with copper foil materials to form the board. Manufacturing companies use CNC machines to drill holes on the panel boards, pressure machines to compress and create multi-layered boards and etching procedures to establish the electronic circuitry.

Mounting Technologies

After the printed circuit boards are printed with copper plating, the manufacturing team forwards the PCBs to the assembly team. In most manufacturing companies, they outsource assembly services to mount components into the boards while others have their own assembly unit department.

PCB Manufacturing companies use two known mounting technologies today. These mounting technologies are the through-hole (TMT) and surface mount technology (SMT).

Through-Hole Mounting Technology

Through-hole is the oldest, tried-and-tested technology when it comes to mounting electronic components. It is commonly used on electronic devices that require strong bond between the components and the PCB. Usually, these devices are exposed to constant wear and tear and environmental stresses.

Another great example of through-hole technology is the manufacturing of prototypes. Machines used in TMT are easier to change their settings compared to SMT machines. In addition, reworks on defective circuitry are easier since the assembly team can use manual reworks to reestablish the correct connections or correct whatever errors made during the mounting process.

Surface Mount Technology

pcbIt is the newest technology in mounting electronic components on the printed circuit boards. In SMT, the PCBs do not have holes on them. Instead, the electronic components are mounted using solder pads. From there, the PCBs with the components temporarily attach to the board are brought to the reflow oven to melt the solder paste and bond the components to the board.

This technology is best in mass production of electronic products. It is also used on electronics that require complex PCBs and to the devices that need more than a single-sided PCB. Examples of these electronic devices are computer hardware and phones.

Types Of PCBs

PCBs can be single sided and double sided. The single sided PCB manufacturing uses one side of the board to mount the components while the double-sided PCBs have electronic components on both sides of the board. Usually, TMT produces single sided while SMT produces both single and double-sided PCBs.

Perhaps, just like many others who we’ve talked to, you might have heard or read on the internet that printed circuit boards may become obsolete. However, this is impossible to happen since people are still using technology and electronics in everyday activities.

If you’d like to know more about these remarkable components (and discover other reasons why they’re here to stay), don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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A PCB is one of the fundamental parts of electronic equipment. The printed circuit boards are one of the most important components in the world of electronics today. Visit us at pcbnet for more details.

A Perfect Fit: Choosing Golf Shoes

Golf- ShoesGolfing is a sport that generally does not require a special pair of shoes. The usual equipment utilized for this sport is the golf clubs. Now, this is most acceptable, of course, seeing as the weight and material of the golf clubs affect the swing of a player – the key action in golfing.

However, more and more people, especially expert players, are seeing the importance of investing in golf shoes. This is due to the fact that golf shoes play a role in maintaining the stability and balance of a player on the field. The traction provided by these shoes help in the back swing of the players, thereby aiding in the curve of their shots.
So, what are the things you need to consider when buying a pair of these shoes? Continue reading this article to find out.

The first thing you need to consider before buying a pair is the frequency of your play.

How often do you go to the course? Do you play on a regular basis, or are you just a hobbyist? Buying a pair is mostly recommended for players who go out on a regular basis. For hobbyists, you might want to consider using a pair of sneakers that have deep ridges to provide good grip on the ground. Additionally, you might want to buy a pair of cheap ones since it would not be used on a regular basis.

Comfort is another facet that must be considered in buying golf shoes.

It is important to factor this in, since you will be wearing them while you play. When speaking of comfort, you should not veer away from the concept of fitting. Fit is one of the things that must be taken into account when buying any type of equipment. A lousy fit can lead to disastrous results. When buying a pair, try on more than one pair of shoes to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Note that these shoes are slightly broader in the sole base. This is to maintain the balance and stability of the player. There are lots of websites that can help you find the perfect fit. Try it out before heading out to the sporting goods store to save time.

You might also want to look at different types of golf shoes.

There are pairs made of leather, while others are synthetic. The former is the most recommended type, as they are more durable and comfortable. However, they are more costly as compared to synthetic variants. Golf sandals are another option for those who like playing during summer. The open-toe design helps a lot in the breath ability of the footwear. However, this is not recommended for courses with hilly slopes, as they may be worn out easily.


Durability is another aspect to consider when buying a pair.

Golf ShoesAs mentioned previously, leather is a better option for those who want to buy shoes for golfing. They are waterproof, making them perfect for playing during the morning when there’s a great presence of dew in the greens. Again, with these properties present in your equipment, you must be ready to shell out some extra cash. But this will be worth your investment.

Another thing that must be considered is caring for your shoes.

Look at some of the available products to help maintain your golf shoes, such as leather lotions and cleaners. This is to ensure that your shoes will last a long time. Additionally, you might want to buy a special bag or a rack to make sure that your shoes are not hit or thrown away accidentally.

Things You Might Not Know about a Motivational Speaker

It’s essentially guaranteed that you know what a motivational speaker is. After all, it’s fairly common these days that one is hired to inspire employees. Getting people pumped up isn’t the only thing that’s interesting about such professional speakers though – and if you’re interested to learn more, simply read on.

Speakers Get an Important Point Across

If a firm’s top management is having a hard time getting a point across, especially in terms of their strategies in business, they should probably consider hiring a motivational speaker. It’s a fact that many of these experts have managed to make things clearer for employees – they’ve succeeded in making a seemingly complex and uninteresting concept into one that actually inspires the crowd and gets them working the way the company wants them to. So, while setting up speaking engagements is considered unnecessary and expensive by some, there are definitely gains to be had. It’s safe to say that firms that chose to have speakers convey important ideas got their money’s worth.


There’s No Specific Requirement to be One

Motivational SpeakerSome believe that a motivational speaker is someone who’s managed to save a business from bankruptcy, or one who has traveled the world and graduated from the most prestigious universities. Well, truth be told, anyone can be an inspirational speaker. While those things do help in boosting credibility, any person who’s faced challenges of his own and managed to come out victorious is worthy to speak in front of a crowd and get people to take positive actions. The key here is having something to say – something that is relatable enough to the audience and has the potential to open their eyes to new things.

Speakers Know How to Make Use of Silence

You might be thinking that a motivational speaker is only an expert in using words. Actually, those who’ve been in the industry for quite some time also have mastery over silence. They are able to draw upon its power to grab the audience’s attention. They make it a point to pause before saying something important, or if the ones in front of them are becoming either rowdy or uninterested. What’s more is that silence isn’t hard to use. You could even try (and successfully use it) in your day-to-day communication. Go ahead and strike a conversation, surely you’ll create an impact if you pause for a bit before saying something. You could also try it during meetings as you emphasize a point.

They Make it a Point to Study the Venue


It’s a commonly known fact that speakers spend time doing research about the business they’re going to speak for. Many are also aware that such experts in speaking engagements study the audience they’ll have to inspire. What’s not so widely known though, is the speaker’s need to evaluate the venue. By understanding the place where the event will be held, it’s possible to prepare for certain downsides – such as the illusion of emptiness or the dispersion of sound. Aside from that, analyzing the location brings the opportunity to come up with unique ideas on how to engage the crowd. Activities and games could be held with sufficient knowledge of the area.

Speakers also need to Spend on Adverts

If you’re thinking that inspiration speakers don’t have to look for clients (and that they’re often flocked by companies that want to hire them), then you should probably reassess your views. Getting a good supply of clients still requires a good advertising strategy. That’s why some speakers make it a point to offer free speaking engagements. It’s also the reason why they spend time building their own hubs on the web, as well as establishing their social media presence. While it’s safe to say that the most popular speakers in the world don’t have much to worry about when it comes to attracting potential clients, not reminding people what they stand for could still lead to fewer invitations.

All in all, you should know by now that a motivational speaker isn’t just someone who gets up on the stage and begins to speak. The profession is much more complex than you think, and that means there are many sides to being an inspirational speaker.

A Guide to Aspiring Motivational Speakers on Marriage and Family Life

Are you among the many aspiring motivational speakers on family and marriage? Here is a guide that tells you how you can build your reputation as one of the best motivational speakers by strengthening the foundation of your own marriage.

Marriage and Family Habit #1:

Keep your gadgets away during weekends or family day.Make it a habit that when you are home, you won’t spend most of your time tinkering with your laptop or mobile phone. Save those things for work days. Focus on your spouse and kids during family time. If you need to answer an emergency call from your boss, be sure to keep your conversation short.

Marriage and Family Habit #2:

Motivational-SpeakerPractice speaking with your spouse and kids gently and softly.Most parents nowadays speak in short and demanding phrases, especially when telling their own children what to do or where to go. For instance, “Take out the trash,” “Go to your room” or “Wash your hands” could be tweaked a bit to sound much more pleasant and a lot less authoritative.

It is a fact that you have the power over your children because you are their parent; besides, you’re bigger and older. However, speaking in phrases will only end up forcing your children to actually do something that they perceive negatively. The chances of shouting and yelling are also higher.

Marriage and Family Habit #3:

Learn to respect the privacy of your spouse and children.Being a spouse and a parent does not give you a license to invade the privacy of your loved ones. Everyone needs to have their own personal space and time, regardless of your relationship with them and their age.

Young children need to time to sit back and relax on their own as well. They need to energize themselves and enjoy alone time. If your children share a room, teach them to respect the personal time and space of their siblings. This way, you are teaching them that they have a place where they can cry alone, think, and do their own activities.

Marriage and Family Habit #4:

Be patient.This is one quality of a parent that can alter your life, as well as your entire family’s life. In this fast-paced and high-pressure world, the norm is to expect everything to happen in a snap. Many people have developed the attitude of being impatient, which in turn makes them easily irritated.

Try to ponder on this: patience takes practice. Once you become patient each day, you get stronger on this aspect. Patience also gives you self-control and most importantly, the capability to stop. From a neutral position, you will be able to make good choices and wise decisions in your life.

Marriage and Family Habit #5:

Set short-term and long-term goals with your spouse.Spend time writing your goals as husband and wife, and as parents to your children. This activity can provide you a new world of possibilities, broadening your understanding of each other. Since this activity is intentional and deliberate, it can help improve your marriage and family life.

When you specifically know where improvements are needed, you get the chance to avoid feelings of neglect and the thinking that your spouse is unhappy with your marriage. Your anniversary date is a perfect way to mark your goal-setting session. Continue to set and meet your goals as a couple.
Most of the great motivational speakers talk from their experiences. You cannot encourage anyone to do something if you did not go through it yourself. So, become one of the most effective motivational speakers on marriage by adopting the relationship habits mentioned above.